Turn out Pistols

The turn out pistol was an early form of breech loading flintlock. Early forms date from 1640. The barrel of the pistol is unscrewed, allowing the powder and shot to be loaded into the firing chamber. Once the shot was loaded the barrel was screwed back on. This allowed safer loading because the shot and powder did not have to be tapped all the way down the barrel. There was no cartridge with the exception of the paper cartridge but this method allowed the powder and ball to be loaded without a rammer. The barrel could also be rifled or tapered allowing for a more accurate aim. The priming pan still needed to have powder added to it. In every other respect the turnout pistol worked in the same manner as a regular flintlock pistol.

18th Century Queen Anne Turn Out Pistol

Matching pair of Gentlemans' Pistols.
One for the pocket or Muff the other for the Overcoat
Note the little plug on the bottom of barrel for the barrel wrench