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Medicine Bibliography

This bibliography is split into two parts the first part has annotations concerning some of the major works used to create the page on Pirate Medicine. Below that is a more complete listing of all works looked at in creating the page.

Primary sources

The books listed below were the primary sources for Pirate Medicine. In many instances you will note that they have a notation that says Referenced by Garrison-Morton (5th ed.). This refers to Morton's Medical Bibliography: An Annotated Check-list of Texts Illustrating the History of Medicine (Garrison and Morton). The G&M Bibliography contains entries to references and original sources that are considered the most important contributions published concerning the development and history of medicine.

Earle, A. Scott

Surgery in America: from the colonial era to the twentieth century; selected writings

Philadelphia, Saunders,
x, 280 p. ill., ports.
ISBN: 0030619998 (alk. paper) :; 0275913899;
Referenced by Garrison-Morton (5th ed.)

In depth information, not an easy browse
Very informative but it will take a little time to soak up the information.

Elliott, Isabelle Mary Zena; Elliott, James Rawlings

A short history of surgical dressings

London, Pharmaceutical Press
x, 118 p. ill., ports.
Referenced by Garrison-Morton (5th ed.)

Have very few pages devoted to this time period but the few that are must be read if you want to have a clear understanding on the state of surgical dressing during the golden Age.

Gordon, Maurice Bear

Naval and maritime medicine during the American Revolution

Ventnor, N.J.:Ventnor Publishers,
ix, 134 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Referenced by Garrison-Morton (5th ed.)

Excellent information concerning the medicine kept aboard ships. It talks about:

  • the value palced on surgeons and other helath care professionals
  • quality of health care
  • pay scales, etc.

Novotny, Ann.; Smith, Carter

Images of healing:a portfolio of American medical and pharmaceutical practice in the 18th, 19th, & early 20th centuries

New York : Macmillan,
Description: 144 p. : ill., ports.
ISBN: 0025908200

Broken down in 1/2 century sections, with some interesting photos. Despite the title there is quit a bit to read.

Roddis, Louis Harry

A short history of nautical medicine

New York, London, P. B. Hoeber, inc.
ix p., 1 l., 359 p. ill., ports., plates.
Referenced by Garrison-Morton (5th ed.)

You really can't get a good picutre of nautical medicine without this book.

Roddis, Louis H.

James Lind : founder of nautical medicine

London : Wm. Heineman Medical Books Ltd.,
Year: 1950

Williams, Guy R.

The age of agony: the art of healing, c. 1700-1800

Chicago, Ill. : Academy Chicago Publishers,
1986, 1975
xi, 236 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. ; 21 cm.
ISBN: 0897332024 :; 0897332032 (pbk.).

An overall fun read if you consider reading about pain and pestilence fun. There are portion that will make you wence in pain if you are not familiar with the topic. The book has a fairly balanced approach toward the "age of agony".

Pirate Medicine Bibliography

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  12. Roddis, Louis H. A Short History of Nautical Medicine. New York: London, P.B. Hoeber, 1941.
  13. Smollett, Tobias George BoucÚ, Paul-Gabriel. The Adventures of Roderick Random. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press, 1979.
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  15. Williams, Guy R. The Age of Agony : The Art of Healing, c. 1700-1800. Chicago, Ill: Academy Chicago Publishers, 1986.
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