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Gallows Point & Execution dock

Gallows Point

Gallows Point & Execution Dock are two of the most infamous places for hanging pirates.

Gallows Point was located on the Palisadoes in Jamaica. Often after the pirate was hanged, he would then be fitted in a suit of irons (gibbet) and displayed on a sandy cay near Port Royal. One such Cay, Rackham Cay is the place where Calico Jack Rackham was hung in irons as a warning to other sea farers.

Execution Dock was in London on the Thames. Many a pirate were sent on "the other journey" from this place. It was customary to then hang the pirates in irons along the Thames, especially at the mouth of the Thames, called Graves Point, as a reminder to all sailors what became of mutineers and pirates.

Other notorious execution locations include:

  • Tyburn Square in London
  • The Boston side of the Charles River in Boston
  • White Point, Charleston
  • More to come
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